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"What can I say? Marc has a set of skills that that has helped me turn an idea into a six figure business!

Marc has helped me take a simple £20 product that I created, from turning over £300 a month to £15,000 a month

I hit the £300,000 mark in 18 months and the business continues to grow and the whole experience has been life changing.

He has a lovely mix of technical skills, business nouse, drive, enthusiasm and (most crucially) he’s a thoroughly nice bloke who wants to make a difference and give you the business your hard work truly deserves."

Chris London

Entrepreneur and CEO of Chris London Online

In This Free 6-Page Roadmap, I'll Show You...

Attract The Right Customers

Discover a simple, yet highly effective system to attract a limitless supply of your ideal clients & customers

Charge What Your Worth

How to finally charge what you are worth for your products and services and NOT what you think your customers will pay

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

How to 10x your productivity while freeing up your time to concentrate on the needle moving tasking that will grow your business 

A Few Words From Business Owners Like You...

Paul Horne

CoolGoldfish Designs

Marc goes out of his way to ensure you minimise mistakes and is a font of knowledge on what works and what doesn't work in business. 

He has simply turned my business around and grown it quickly where I am regularly smashing my monthly sales targets and some.

Marc offers the best advice around - and unlike many he won’t sugarcoat the pill because he won't let us waste, time effort or money on things that simply don't work.

He really is one of the best kept secrets in business!

Margot Clarke

Clarke Consultancy

Marc’s approach is very different to that of a “normal” business coach. 
But thats whats so great about him. He’s his own man, is brave enough to do things his own way and encourages us to do things our way and find the way to make our business successful.

And the best thing is that he cares. He really believes in the people and businesses he works with and makes sure we get the success we crave in our business.

Having that solid and successful support is invaluable when you’re a business owner.

James Blacklaws

CEO of JB Commercial Finance

Marc has a unique style of business coaching. Rather than wear a cheap suit and hide behind a franchise, Marc wears t-shirt's, swears and tells you exactly what really works for you, rather than hiding behind a “one size fits all” model.

As well as helping me to grow my business quickly, I have recommended several business owners to consider his coaching. While some initially were concerned having been used to the “franchise model" of coaches, they were quickly won over by the stunning results they saw.

Their bottom lines spoke the loudest and it was very loud!  

You're Just One Click Away From Taking The Next Step To Getting The 6-Figure Business Your Hard Work Deserves

Hey, I'm Marc Ford

Hey, I'm Marc Ford

Over the last 7 years I have become an expert of taking smaller businesses like yours, to their first six figures and beyond, using ideas, systems and strategies that can easily, cheaply and cost-effectively be put in place and replicated time and time again.

I have worked with, and achieved success for big name corporate businesses, medium sized business, SME's and 'one-person bands' who all went onto to smash their six figure goals.

This roadmap can and does work for anyone. Without this 3-step plan, youre likely using methods that are getting you stuck, wasting your time, costing you money and leaving your customers at the mercy of your competition. This is only making your path to success more difficult and you are leaving money on the table.
With this First Six Figures Roadmap, you’ll be set on exactly the right path towards consistently profitable months and years...and getting a business your hard work truly deserves

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